Observations on NZ Business Progress

Sun 20 November 2016

I've started this blog in order to share my thoughts and observations on the current state of NZ business and where I think entrepreneurship will ultimately be moving in the future in this country.

I've been heartened to see in recent years the move towards more successful tech businesses coming out of New Zealand. Businesses such as 90 Seconds, which has succeeded in carving out a huge chunk of the video production market globally with an innovative model based on crowdsourcing talent. Derek Handley's achievements in the world of mobile also come to mind, as well as, of course, the achievements of Xero who are steadily taking over the accounting software market.

I watch with interest as other rapidly growing tech companies, such as, mark a stronger and stronger mark on the world. With rapid growth and huge scalability, who knows where these companies may end up in five years?